M e l M a k e s . . .

MelMakes is a sister company to Melasana that makes sustainable, affordable and joyful products for you to integrate into your mindful life. These products are made out of sustainable or repurposed materials. A part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to local charities who’s values align with those of the Melasana yoga community.


Handmade with Love

Everything you see has been handmade by Mel with the loving intention that these products will bring joy into your life. 


Sustainability is mandatory

Every product is made with sustainable or repurposed materials with the goal of reducing waste, helping our environment and reminding us of the important story behind each item.


Community & Connection

These items are exclusively available to members of the Melasana community. Local delivery and pickup options. All items can be purchased with cash or e-transfer to melanievien-walker@hotmail.com

MelMakes Plant Hangers


MelMakes Plant Hangers are made to enhance the good vibes in your space by bringing greenery and  from biodegradable string or repurposed macrame cord. Plant hangers vary in style, and can be custom made upon request for no additional charge. 

$15 each

Biodegradable cord. Customizable upon request. Pictured with a medium sized plant pot. Can hold medium and large sized plant pots. Plants not included, though a plant clipping can be added to your order for $3.



MelMakes Eye Pillows

MelMakes Eye Pillows are relaxation tools for after yoga or before bed. Each pillow is made from recycled fabric that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. All fabric has been cleaned and hand sewn by Mel, filled with bulk rice, meaning there is no waste associated with these products. These eye pillows can be heated in the microwave for a few seconds or placed in the fridge to provide additional relaxation. 

$10 each

Upon request, you can give Mel a recycled fabric of your choice and receive your eye pillow for no additional cost.