Who is Mel?

A million and one response come rushing to mind.

What a deeply existential question.

Friend. Daughter. Tree hugger. Yoga teacher. Young professional. Vegan. Aspiring zero-waster. Feminist. Creator. Risk taker. World traveller. Pro-Choicer. Dog mom. Good neighbour. Shower singer. Social justice warrior. Cannabis enthusiast. Animal liberationist. Ally. Plant lover. Youtuber. Academic. And the list goes on.

After practicing yoga for many years, Mel dove into yoga teacher training in 2019 and has been teaching ever since. Melasana was founded in 2019 as a way to empower Mel’s community through yoga and share the blessings of yogas ancient teachings. Mel primarily teaches to corporate and private clients. She offers teachings at events (retreats, parties, corporate events) and is always looking to collaborate with like-minded folks. Mel began teaching free virtual classes for her community during the pandemic and continues to offer virutal sessions by request. 

MelMakes is a creative venture founded in 2020, intended to to keep Mel striving for creativity in the context of her sustainability goals. MelMakes digital products (Youtube) and physical products (See MelMakes web page). As she continues to reduce her footprint and strive for a zero waste lifestyle, Mel started MelMakes as a means of finding new ways to repurpose household items and give them a joyful second life.

MelMakes Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mvw10/videos?view_as=subscriber